Game of the Year

With the New Year here it’s time for all of the game of the year talks, and lists about what was this and that. One argument that seems to bug me that have been going on is the reluctance to give their lists or to make a list. I mean really what is a top games list anyway? It’s simple; it’s my top game, that’s all. So why are people so afraid to give the top gaming list? Well it’s because they don’t want to hear that there wrong, or their afraid that people will see them as wrong and they will lose their credibility.  Well I think that’s a load of bullshit, and for way to many reasons to list here and now.

Now that I have that off of chest I would like to get down to my top five games of the year. I would like to say that with my top five please keep in mind that I’m an unsponsored blogger and while I try to play every game that comes out I just can’t. But out of everything I’ve played these are my favorites. It’s based on what I like and what tickled my goose one way or another and in the end these are games I keep coming back to over and over again all year long.

First I have to two runners-up, then starting with number five to my game of the year. So without further ado here we go.

Super Mario 3d land (3ds) I have and always will be a big fan of Mario and this game was like the Mario 64 for the handhelds in terms of being innovated. It had a new fresh look and feel and the level design was new and different as well as being familiar and welcoming. The game come out near the beginning of the year and I will still pop it in and play for hours Nintendo again shows they know what they’re doing.

Legend of Zelda: Skyward sword (WII) I know what you’re thinking this game didn’t come out in 2012, and your right. Skyward sword came out in Nov. 2011, but my 2011 G.O.T.Y. list came out before I could play all of this and give my opinion.  I have been playing Zelda games since the 80’s and I’ve had many favorites over the years. Ocarina of time being the longest running favorite, but Skyward sword won me over and it’s not going to be easy beat. It’s the best use of motion controls on the system. It has a great epic story that only Nintendo can tell. They even found a way to make the combat system a puzzle. It’s brilliant and left me wanting nothing but more of Skyward sword which can be upwards of 60 hrs to do and see everything. All you have to do is play it to see what I’m talking about

Sleeping Dogs (PC) this is a game that I pray turns into a franchise. From the moment I started this game I realized how brilliant it was. And no more than 3 hours into to the game I was like GTA who? I can’t wait to see what more money and a new gen console can do for the next game in the series. This is a game that I use for my playground. Now that I have beat the game I just run around causing hell and making my own modern day Bruce lee or Jackie Chan movie.

The Walking Dead: the game (IOS) what else can I say about the walking dead. It won spike’s VGA’s G.O.T.Y. along with other G.O.T.Y.’s from different websites and YouTube channels, etc. Even though some argue if the walking dead is even a game. In my humble opinion, yes it is and the reasons why is a whole other conversation. It’s a game you can recommend to anyone because the story is touching and the game play is accepting and easy to learn. I love this game. It was fun, unique and one of the best stories in any medium this year.

Xcom: enemy unknown (PC) this is another game that is great it allows me, a grown man to play with action figures (don’t you dare call them dolls!). The Xcom games have always been a favorite of mine. But the changes made in Xcom: enemy unknown has catapulted the series into the stratosphere for me and I hope to see more from Xcom in the this style, but in the meanwhile I’m going to rock this game cause quite frankly I can’t put it down.

Resident Evil: Revelations (3ds) I have been a fan of the RE series since the very 1st game. This game could have very well of been my game of the year for many reasons. This is one of my favorite games in the series if not my favorite. It brings back reasons that made the 1st couple of games great while keeping the elements of the new games that I’ve grown to like. It has a great story that I’ve come to expect from Capcom that fits in perfect with the series. And the first true return to survival horror in years. I’ve put many hours of game play in the story and the raid mode, both single and muti-player. Over all I feel like this was one of my great gaming experiences of 2012, and feel like something would have been missing if I wouldn’t have played this game this year.

Borderlands 2 (PC) anyone who has played Borderlands 2 should easily see how this could make any game of the year list. Borderlands 2  is everything you want from a game it has a great story with great characters and has moments where you fall on your ass laughing so hard your momma (or wife in my case) comes in with a look of worry, first, then sheer stunned blankness, and says what the hell is wrong with you? And with one look at the screen she says oh! It’s Borderlands.  I mean, that says it all doesn’t it? I love this game. I preordered it and months later I’m still playing it and I’ve bought every piece of DLC this is the only game I can say that with. There are so many reasons why borderlands 2 should be my game of the year, and for that I dub the my G.O.T.Y.

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