Some say that the Wii U is dead. That Nintendo should just give it up. That they don’t stand a chance. I could not disagree with them more. I do think after the 3ds launch people are weary of being an early adopter of the Wii U, but once they see what is going to happen with Nintendo and other console makers things will change.

I hear this a lot ” ps4 just shut Nintendo down with the vita cross play.” No they didn’t there is still things the Wii U can do that vita can’t and vise versa. Not to mention how much is it going to cost to have a ps4 and vita together or to buy a Xbox and a tablet for smart glass. I’m willing to bet that just the ps4 and nextbox alone are going to be twice the amount of the Wii U that comes with the game pad. That is to say that the Nextbox is even coming out this year, cause how stupid would it be for Xbox to announce their Nextbox only to put it on store shelves the next month or two. Needless to say I don’t think we will see the Nextbox in 2013, I could be wrong but I don’t think I am.

People hate on Nintendo so much that for years now they said Nintendo is doomed and I don’t need to remind you that what Michael pachter is saying now about the Wii U, he said 2 years ago about the 3ds he just switched the 3ds for Wii U in his talks on Gametrailers.com (which is a site I read). He said the samething about the whole handheld world, and just last month the “Wild gunman” on the 3ds way outsold the iOS and Android versions. I mean for a man who is suppose to be the best in what he does, what has he been right about? I sure would hate to see the worst, and I wouldn’t take any stock advice from this man to save my life. but these are just my opinions and thats all but I’m sure I’m not the only who feels this way.


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