I wanted to take time tell you about my new plans for the site. I really like doing the opinion pieces and are going to start focusing more on those. And because of that the site will still have news but instead of it all being written by me I’m going to repost from other blogs if they get the story before I do and I will reference the site as well that way you can check out more from those sites.
This will free up my time to do more of what I like to do while still giving you the news and at the same time it will introduce you do some of my favorites that I like getting news from. Which is another thing that I want to do is start introducing you the readers to different content on the web (while at the same time you can tell me about different content as well) that would other was go unseen or be weeks or months before you found it because of the junk clutter that doesn’t allow us to see the forest for the trees so to speak so that’s you for your time and hope you like the site.


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