As I’ve gotten older the further i look back into the past. I see what bought me joy, with rose colored glasses, and try to get that back. While thinking of those days games always come up the most. i started to thinking about writing down my memories. I kinda of thought of it as narrated like in the movie “A Christmas Story”.

So I wanted to see what other people have wrote and the style it was written in. Then i came across a book call “ANESthetized: My HIstory with the Nintendo Entertainment System” by Doug McCoy, and sure enough with I was reading it i couldn’t help but reading it with the voice of the narrator from “A Christmas Story” playing in my head. I loved reading this book. Not only because its a great nostalgic filled story that will make you feel what he felt, but because it reminded me of my memories… my feelings.

This story is so good I ask my wife to read it so she may have some understanding of why i love games the way i do. My wife is a mix of casual gamer and semi-hardcore on a select set of games. So she never has understood my dedication to the hobby I love.

When your into games like I am then its best described as a serious hobby. You just don’t play games, you also colect them and the memories of playing them. You learn the history of everything that is games. You keep up with news, and read books and watch video. Its something to put yourself into that you enjoy for and during your “Me” time. I didn’t always look at it this way. Now that i do its hard to imagine it any other way.

If you would like to know more about “ANESthetized” or the author Doug McCoy get the book on IBook on IOS or Kindle or check out Doug McCoy’s Blog/webpage . Its more then just about his books but it has things that has inspired him or books he reads or site he likes or podcast he listens to/ watches its a really good site if your into the early days of gaming.

I’m going to keep adding to this page every couple of days and hope you keep track of it and let me know what you think and tell me you stories down below is a note that describes what i hope this site is to be chk it

Check this out, here is a look at the retro gaming mostly from NES and SEGA MASTER SYSTEM to the N64 and PLAYSTATION. It may also include some retro style games, videos, books, and podcast on the subject. Im hoping to even have some reviews and testimonials & memoirs from me, friends and readers of the site who either would like to email me with the memoirs or even just comments the thoughts about a game system, game, or era. All those who lived in these eras can attest to why these games and machines mean so much to us.

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