BIOSHOCK Infinite         Im standing around at gamestop, waiting for midnight to hit so i can grab my copy of Bioshock Infinite. Finally, the clock strikes 12am, I’ve already paid for my copy so the guy hands me my copy and I hit the door running. I jump in the car and speed home. I come straight inside. I had already opened my copy on the way home. I sit down at my computer with a soda and a pack of Marlboros’ and pop the disk in. I wait for it to install and it feels like forever. Finally, it loads and I’m ready to play. I commence playing in awe and excitement until dawn.

       This game is incapsulating and immersive. Once I started playing, the world around me no longer existed and I found myself in Columbia bearing witness to atrocities in Eden. You find out that Columbia is no modern day Eden, very early on, when you do something very horrible to someone you’ve never met. One thing I wish is that this game had a stats page, like Telltales “The Walking Dead”, where you can see what percentage of people have played the game and what choices they made. I like the fact that the choices you make stick with you throughout the game. Those who have injured their hand knows what I mean.

       The gameplay fits the story so well and takes nothing away from it, and while it may not be the best in 1st person shooting, it is fun as hell and very engaging. This game throws themes at you that will not only make you think about history and things that people had to deal with, but also the state of the present, is everything great like we think it is?

       If I were to give a score, then I would have to give this game a perfect score. Needless to say, this is a must play. One to share and discuss with every one. As for myself, I’m getting the season pass. Because if irrational games can deliver on the main game, I can’t wait to see what they will do with there DLC.