First Impressions: HEROES OF RUIN

hor HOR is a Diablo style hack and grind, that can be played with 1 to 4 people via internet or local play on the 3ds. In HOR you and up to 3 other friends go a journey to awaken a great all powerful god who once protected your town, and by doing so gain greatness and a name that you have longed for. You have 4 characters that you can choose from with their own unique abilities. It has a pretty rad website that you can link to your 3ds and keep track of your stats. You can also earn XP by doing web challenges that you can use in game to get items. There are also a couple of different challenges in game that you can do to earn coins to get items. You have web challenges that are timed weekly and daily and you have the challenges that progress the story of the game and side mission too. Everything you do earns you something, coins or items.So your never feel like your wasting your time for nothing. you level up your characters by hacking and grinding to earn XP and coins you can use to get a butt load of different equipment. there is a online store that players can use game money to buy items you sell and you can trade items to players online in game for money, other items, or both. You can find friends at random or start your alliances to play awaken the god who once protected your city. There are people and place to go to buys items but the majority of your cool stuff will come from grinding or trading. Your can earn different abilities that you can upgrade like a skill tree. When you level up you can spend your points upgrading traits, and when when you equip items it lets you know what you gain and/or lose. So it can be very forgiving and good for first time players as well. HOR can be fun and rewarding if you have the time to put in. Even though this is a mobile game its not one that you can just put a few minutes in here or there you need to be somewhat hardcore with your game time. With that being said it has a hack and slash game play style with many hours spent in grinding. While the music and visuals are great for this game and it looks good in 3d (not great) the game play can get old sometimes. Luckily this game has a strong old school heroes story that, even though seems to have been told a bunch of times, seems fresh and appealing. All in all i really like this game and find my self at times not wanting to put it down or going online can checking profiles and doing challenges. I give this a 4/5 first impression score.

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